Don't Knock a Millenial. Here's Why.

Recently, my office hosted a local affiliate for some quality teachings on “generational differences” and how communication and working with various ages might not be as simple as you think. Duh. It doesn’t take long to realize that certain age brackets appreciate being updated via phone call over text. And that others have the “I don’t care about the labor, just bring me the baby” approach to communication - just the facts via text. Maybe an emoji for good measure. 

There were a few frustrations raised by my colleagues about “millennials,” a group I am technically supposed to belong to. I find that many of their characteristics don’t describe me, the child of much older parents, and would consider myself more of a Gen-X. But generally speaking, I think we can all acknowledge a perceived frustration with Millennials and/or that they get the raw end of the deal. 

It got me thinking. What’s the big issue with millennials? I heard personal stories from Boomers who didn’t appreciate their younger family members’ disregard for face-to-face interaction, or a sense of entitlement. But in a world of tech access and individual voices amplified by social platforms and the web masses, maybe it’s not as common as you think. 

Millennials tend to respond quickly, because they’re always on their devices. This brunch isn’t going to instagram itself!

Millennials are extremely tech savvy and aren’t afraid to download and try new apps. This means adaptation to new strategies and platforms to help you, the client. 

Millennials don’t deal well with failure… meaning we tend to be a bit more involved emotionally than your average agent. Your pain is our pain. Your triumph is our celebration.

Millennials are typically a one-man shop. Most younger agents don’t have a team, meaning you get white glove personal service. 

Bottom line is it’s not a stretch to acknowledge the differences among generations. We value different methods of communication and bring unique qualities to the table. And the drive and intuitiveness of a Millennial is something to commend! 

So don’t be quick to judge a millennial on your next business endeavor - chances are the young agent may be more in touch with better ways to market your home than the competition.

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