6 years ago, today, my episode of House Hunters premiered.

Social Media has some pretty great time capsule features now, that allow you to relive experiences of the past, whether you want to or not. One of today’s memories was the premier of “Brian Searches for Dallas Area Bachelor Pad”, the episode of HGTV’s House Hunters that I was able to be a part of. Got me thinking… and since I still get so many questions about the experience, I thought we could reflect together.

The Truth About House Hunters

  1. It’s totally Staged - And to be honest, it’s not even a fact they try to hide. Production and turn around time demands that a portion if not all of the show has to be staged. Most buyers are already under contract. My client already owned the home he “chose!” We had to recreate the search by offering two other homes for show’s sake, and have Brian wrestle with making a decision.
  2. I did not get Paid. My client did. - My client got a $500 check for being on the show, which isn’t much, considering there was some actually time taken off of work and acting involved. The producer repeatedly said “Faces and Places, everyone!” as if we were rehearsing for a Broadway play.
  3. I have not watched House Hunters since - I’m a girl that has always loved homes and architecture. I watched HGTV religiously for years, almost a decade, before becoming a licensed Agent. But ever since filming, I think I’ve seen maybe two episodes of the show. Why? Burn out. We filmed for 5 consecutive days in the heat of the Texas Summer. Doesn’t bode well for a girl that is dressed professionally in heels, trying to keep her bouffant from melting. Add to that, the microphones picked up on every noise, and therefore, we had to film with the A/C OFF!  Simmer on that for a while - 5 days, no A/C, middle of the Summer.

My car wasn’t “flashy” enough for the producer, so we used their gold convertible to film my ‘Agent intro’, which was pretty interesting. And, if you notice, each episode likes to surround itself around a bit of controversy (i.e. one of the buyers is a Realtor, will the wife be the husband’s hardest client?!) so we did 5 or 6 takes to drum up a bit of drama between my client and his roommate. I was told to say it was none of the roommates business what house Brian chose. I didn’t care for being fake or creating a controversy where there was none. 

But I loved the time I was able to spend with my client, his roommate and some of their friends through the process. The sound guys were super fun. It was my 15 minutes of fame on a national broadcast and… frankly, exciting!  I think I would do it again, if asked. 

My client, Brian, really enjoyed the experience and excelled at being a face that the camera loved. And, if nothing else, it’s a time capsule for the overload of blonde highlights I was maintaining at the time… yowlers!

Here's the thing. The home buying process doesn’t take place in 30 minutes and is a big decision. And as long as you have that in mind, House Hunters can be a cheeky and light entertainment series that shows the “fun” of house shopping and all of the emotions that come with it. But it does involve quite a bit more. Oftentimes, it’s more than 3 homes, it’s planning your budget and downpayment, weighing loan options with a reputable loan officer, negotiations, inspections, more negotiations, appraisals and plenty of paperwork. 

So when you’re ready to stop choosing “1, 2 or 3” and ready to feel the thrill of shopping for a home and homeownership, just give me a call. I’ve been there, done that, and I’m ready to make your goals realistic, whether producers are involved or not.

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6 years ago, today, my episode of House Hunters premiered.
Social Media has some pretty great time capsule features now, that allow you to relive experiences of the past, whether you want to or not. One of today’s memories was the premier of “ Brian Searches for Dallas Area Bachelor Pad ”, the episode of… more
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